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Γαστρικό μπότοξ by Dr. S. Gabriel.

Γαστρικό μπότοξ by Dr. S. Gabriel.

Gastric botox, the injection of botox into the stomach is a very modern, new and innovative technic.
It is done by gastroscopy, without a surgical operation and it decreases the levels of the hormone of hunger, in other words ghrelin. It hugely reduces the sense of hunger, decreasing body mass for a long duration.

This technic is addressed to overweight people with a few excess kilos that want to lose them and maintain their body mass and also to people who are interested in their appearance without doing a surgical operation, changing their lifestyle with sports and homemade food.

γαστρικο botox

Gastric botox is not addressed to the pestiferous obesity and to people who are in need of a surgical operation, but to people who are slightly overweight and that have the aim to stably maintain the levels of body mass in addition to their aesthetic wellbeing.

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